What I Crave

  • Fleurville Luxe Bag
  • Lexie Barnes Darling Bag in "Makiko"
  • Phil & Teds E3 Stroller w/Double Kit
  • Target Gift Cards
  • Coach Chelsea Optic Signature Hobo
  • The Peanut Shell

Definitely Worth a Click

  • Target Picks
    Feed your Target addiction with my daily Target picks!
  • Goodnight Sweet Pea
    My daily rantings about what's new, what's great, and what's just plain interesting for everyone ... women, children, men, pets, etc ...
  • CityMama
    "Bunny, please get off your sister's head."
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  • Polka Dot Whale
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What's in My DVD Player

  • Elmo's World - Wild Wild West